On this page the presentations given at the 5th NorLCA symposium are available for download, organized per session.

Some presentations are unavailable, because we have not received these presentations or because the authors have not given permission to share their sheets.

1.Engineering sustainability: The need for eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness - Michael Z. Hauschild
2. Utilizing life cycle thinking to increase environmental performance and improve business model - Mikael Ekhagen
3. Landsvirkjun: Sustainability challenges - Ragnheiður Ólafsdóttir

Session 1: Methodological Highlights
1. The contribution to Arctic climate change from countries in the Arctic Council - Tobias Schultz
2. Water Footprint as an environmental tool: Case Finnish forest and mining industry - Helena Wessman-Jääskeläinen
3. Engineered nanomaterials in life cycle assessment: Limitations and improvement potential - Mirko Miseljic
Environmental life cycle assessment of hydrochar application to soil as a potential carbon storage technology - Mikolaj Owsianiak

Session 2: LCA applied to energy systems
1. Evaluation of the primary energy demand and environmental performance of Hellisheiði geothermal power plant using methods of life cycle assessment - Marta Rós Karlsdóttir
2. Life cycle assessment of the high voltage transmission system in Iceland - Hildur B. Hrólfsdóttir & Alexandra Kjeld
3. Comparison of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of electric and conventional vehicles and scenarios of fleet transition from 2014 to 2025 in Finland - Juudit Ottelin
4. Ex ante environmental assessment of energy policy in Poland - Łukasz Lelek

Session 3: LCA and built environment - Part I
1. Life Cycle Emission Decrease Possibilities via temporal optimization of purchased electricity and material choices of a building - Jani Laine
2. Life Cycle Assessment of the environmental impacts of roads and bridges in Iceland - Ingunn Loftsdottir & Sigurður Thorlacius
3. The effects of life cycle analysis on the design and cost estimations for civil structures - Elín Vignisdóttir
4. The challenge of building a sustainable environment in the Artic - Tove Lading

Session 4: LCA in food sector - Methodology and application
1. The SENSE-Project: Application of the ENVIFOOD protocol to SMEs - Regula Keller
2. Simplified environmental assessment of aquaculture food supply chains using a web-based tool, the SENSE tool - Eva Yngvadóttir
3. Life Cycle Assessment of fresh Icelandic cod loins in European markets - Birgir Ö. Smárason

Session 5: LCA applied to the waste management sector
1. 20 years of LCA applied to waste management systems: What can we learn? - Alexis Laurent
2. Assessing the environmental impacts of hydrochar for electricity generation - Morten Ryberg
3. A tool for calculation of environmental impacts for biogas value chains (the Norwegian BioValueChain model) - Kari-Anne Lyng

Session 6: LCA and built environment - Part II
1. The importance of LCA for building industry - Ólafur Wallevik
2. Why Life Cycle Analysis in public buildings - Halldóra Vífilsdóttir
3. Urban ‘Food-Prints’ and Urban Agriculture – Supplying food in an urbanizing world - Benjamin Goldstein 
4. Exploring the possibilities for urban low-carbon low-rise living - Jukka Heinonen
5. MALTTI – a strategic tool for assessing the carbon footprint of urban developments - Eeva Säynäjoki

Session 7: Circular economy and industrial symbiosis
1. Towards more ecological solution through integrated fishery, greenhouse and bioenergy production with closed circulation - Jyri Arponen
2. Closed-loop thinking in insurance companies - Lára Jóhannsdóttir
3. Assessment of scarce resources consumption of robotic vacuum cleaners considering End-of-Life treatment in electronic waste shredder system - Henrik Grüttner
4. Fractal spatial analysis, a complementary tool to Life Cycle Assessment in industrial ecology and circular economy planning: The Montreal Case Study - Pierre-Alexandre Guillemette

Special session: LCA-education in the public and private sector
1. Integration of sustainability and LCA in engineering education at the Technical University of Denmark - Stig. I. Olsen
2. Promoting education for sustainable development at the University of Tampere - Anna Heikkinen
3. Life cycle assessment and eco-design in a day: Finnish lessons from a series of LCA clinics for start-ups and SMEs - Riina Antikainen
4. Life Cycle Management in Industry - Motivation, pedagogical approach, contents and experience from two years of lecturing at the Technical University of Denmark - Jan-Markus Rödger
5. Create the optimal learning experience by considering the audience, goal, required knowledge level and desired retention rate - Ellen Meijer