Dinner and Technical tour

Dinner (included in the registration fee)

The dinner, in the evening of 2 October, will be on the Island Viðey, which is located close to the city centre of Reykjavik. Be there on time as there is only one boat departure per direction, at 19.00 from the Old Harbour (Gamla höfnin) and at 22.30 from Viðey island.

19:00               Departure from the Reykjavík Old Harbor (Boat company Elding). A brief introduction of Viðey island on board.

19:30               Arrival at Viðey. A short walk from the wharf up to Viðeyjarstofa (3 min.). Upon arrival, there will be a short introduction of the buildings on the island, building style, materials, etc.

19:40-20:00      Drinks in Viðeyjarstofa- ground floor.

20:00               Dinner is served

22:30               Departure from the wharf in Viðey to Reykjavík Old harbor (center)


Technical tour (included in the registration fee)

The technical tour will be on the 3 October and includes guided visits to the Nesjavellir Geothermal Plant, situated in the scenic Hengill area, and to the Írafoss Hydropower Station, located in the River Sog area. Both stations are located less than one hour from Reykjavík. During the excursion, there will also be a guided visit to the historical and monumental Þingvellir National Park, located on tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge:

13:00 Departure from Reykjavík, Hotel Saga
13:50 Arrival at Sognsvirkjun Hydropower Plant  - refreshments by Landsvirkjun
14:50 Departure from Sognsvirkjun
15:10 Arrival at Nesjavallavirkjun (Geothermal power plant)
16:00 Departure from Nesjavallavirkjun
16:15 Arrival at Hakið - Þingvellir National Park - panorama viewing and 30 min. very light hike to the bus
17:15 Arrival at the park service centre
17:45 Departure for Reykjavik
18:30 Arrival in Reykjavík 

Tour Guide

Ari Trausti Guðmundsson has been active as a lecturer and non-fiction writer in the fields of geology, volcanology, astronomy, environmental science and mountaineering, with some 40 published boook titles. In addition, Ari Trausti has published poetry and short stories in magazines and anthologies since the 1970’s and in 2002, he received the Laxness literary prize for his collection of short stories. His fiction writings contain six collections of poems and four novels, the last one in 2012. Educated as a geophysicist in Norway and Iceland, Ari Trausti works as a free lance consultant in the fields of geoscience, tourism and environmental issues as well as writing and hosting numerous radio and television programs and documentaries. He has been an official guide for Icelandic ministries, the office of the President and several scientific institutions. Ari Trausti is also noted as an avid mountaineer in many countries, an Arctic traveller and contributor to scientific exhibitions, visitors centres and museums in Iceland and abroad. In 2007 and 2010, he received prizes for communication in science. He is an international member of the Explorers Club. Ari Trausti was a candidate for the office of the President of Iceland in 2012.