SETAC Europe & NorLCA is pleased to announce the 18th SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium & NorLCA Symposium joint event, which will be held 26-28 November 2012 in Copenhagen. The theme of the symposium is:

Sustainability Assessment in the 21st Century

- tools, trends and applications

Focus on sustainability of products and corporations has been increasing over the last decade. New market trends develop, engendering new tools and application areas with the purpose of increasing sustainability, thus setting new demands for industry and academia.

The symposium will focus on the experiences gained in industry and academia on the application of LCA and on the application of new tools for sustainability assessment. These tools may relate to environmental assessments, such as carbon, water or chemical footprints, as well as life cycle oriented tools for assessing other dimensions of sustainability. There will be plenum, poster, special and interactive sessions addressing these topics.

In addition, there will be a special presentation on Environmental Footprint guidelines.

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