Presentation slides

All presentations from the symposium are available below. The only exceptions are presentations where the author did not give publication permission.

Antikainen, Riina - Framework on Life Cycle methods for companies - taking the needs of different company types into account
Askham, Cecilia - Innovative Life Cycle EcoDesign
Dijkman, Teunis - Site specific pesticide emission patterns - Influence of site specific emissions patterns on pesticide impact potential
Enell, Magnus - Use of Life Cycle Thinking in Vattenfall (keynote)
Flysjö, Anna - Carbon footprint of dairy product
Hartikainen, Hanna - Communication of climate change impacts in the Finnish food sector
Hellgren, Jonne - Monika - New product design for logistic operations
Hochschorner, Elisabeth - LCA of movie distribution using internet - A screening study
Ingolfsdottir, Gyda - Life Cycle Assessment of Landsvirkjun hydroelectric generation in Fljótsdalur hydropower station
Kujala, Pasi - Tool for product designers - the Life Cycle approach
Malmodin, Jens - Life Cycle Assessment of ICT networks and primary subscription services in Sweden
Paronen, Noora - Challenges in evaluating the Life Cycle environmental impact of electronic devices
Pentikäinen, Kimmo - Emission savings calculation for the ICT sector
Pradel, Marilys - Environmental assessment of sludge spreading practices and equipments - A simplified LCA tool (acv3E) designed for stakeholders
Röös, Elin - Using the carbon footprint to choose between pasta and potatoes
Raadal, Hanne Lerche - LCA and Carbon Footprint when purchasing "green" power
Silvennoinen, Kirsi - Foodprints of food plates and diet - Can we make an Ecochange?
Solli, Christian - Informing and influencing urban planning processes through LCA of the total household consumption basket
Solli, Christian - A model for calculation of total environmental impacts from agriculture in Norway - Linking consumption and production through imput-output models
Veuro, Sini - Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment guiding the development of new flexible packaging