A different approach

The annual NorLCA Symposium is hosted alternately by each Nordic country. Because the symposium is a forum for both central and more marginal stakeholders, emphasis is on creating a two-way dialogue, from the specialist to the more marginal players and vice versa.

The programme for these symposia must contain broadness allowing for many-facetted presentations and may therefore contain interactive formats such as

  • workshops
  • cycle marked place with exhibition and demonstration of concepts, methods and tools
  • PC-tool cafes
  • guided tours of LCA-tools
  • presentations from other networks (e.g. in 2006 from the international Eco-design initiative)
  • mini courses
  • satellite symposia

The symposium must also support a much more active and structured inter-nordic dialogue. Today, central LCA-players in each of the Nordic countries often have limited knowledge of many local initiatives carried out in our neighbouring countries, and therefore do not profit from possible synergies, which can emerge also from more local and smaller initiatives.

There may also be presentations on EU and other international and Nordic initiatives (SETAC, UNEP, ISO, ISIE,CIRP, NMR and others) to update the NorLCA-members on international activities within life cycle thinking

The annual general assembly of NorLCA is held in connection with the symposium.